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Successful dialogue marketing requires


infatuation for details
real customer intimacy


exciting dialogues increased response


integrative relations ongoing learning effects

Address Publisher – your competent partner for customer acquisition and dialogue marketing in business-to-business

You are searching for new customers from specific countries but don’t know how to reach and address them?

Address Publisher is your data expert, providing you with the latest addresses of your potential customers. We currently possess data stocks of more than 100 million business addresses worldwide.

Whether per email or by phone, we deliver the necessary address features for your successful direct marketing campaigns. Therefore we fall back on a variety of thousands of different target groups and many possibilities to define your target group even more precisely.

Our services for your company

  1. Provision of business addresses for targeted and customized direct marketing purposes
  2. Data management in order to verify and/or optimize your own data stocks
  3. Outbound telephone marketing for the generation of leads or the investigation of specific address features (e.g. specific contact persons with personal contact details)
  4. Entire processing of your direct marketing campaigns (including the conception, the print and the delivery of your information)

More information about the data

We provide addresses for targeted customer acquisitions in B2B, independently in which country or in which industry sector your customers operate. Below you get overviews of how many addresses we currently have in stock and in which industries the most popular ones are to be found.

more than 3.9 million company addresses
about 1.4 million decision makers
thousands of target groups, individually extensible
more than 440,000 current business addresses
about 150,000 decision makers
even start-ups as popular target group
more than 475,000 business addresses
about 370,000 decision makers
Italian, French or German-speaking businesses
millions of addresses from over 100 countries
every imaginable industry available
cutting-edge address researches

A typical data set consists of the full postal address, a telephone and fax number, a contact person, an email address, a website and an industry sector.

For your international direct marketing purposes we fall back on a variety of more than 100 million websites from companies all over the world. Whether you want to address engineering companies from China or hairdressers from South America, we will provide you with the suitable data sets.

Most popular and desired target groups

More than 300.000 latest addresses
Roofers, installers, carpenters and
many more target groups
Almost 80.000 daily-updated addresses
More than 60 relevant selection criteria
> 500 brand-new addresses per month
Over 240.000 updated data sets
Dozens of target groups like diverse
doctors, hospitals or pharmacies
About 200.000 addresses from lawyers,
tax accountants, notaries and many
more target groups
Geo Targeting
Perfectly suitable for your field sales
or apps and portals in order to depict
data on a map
Solar & Photovoltaic
You need solar OR pv installers?
We know how to differentiate them
Thousands of cutting-edge data sets,
even architects and planners
Special package deals
Whether trade fair exhibitors or
very scarce target groups, we will find
them for you on a daily-updated base
Decision makers
Many different responsible persons
from the middle management
E.g. from marketing, purchasing,
compliance or sustainability
Many thousands of address
modifications every month, from entrepreneurs right up to insolvencies


We offer you excellent services for affordable prices.

The information bandwith depends on your budget. If you like to address one specific target group per email or telephone, the price per unit will be varying between 0,10 EUR and 0,50 EUR, depending on the total volume of addresses purchased. If you desire more features like company names, postal addresses or specific contact persons, you can calculate between 0,60 EUR and 0,95 EUR per data set. For these higher unit prices we guarantee our up-to-the-minute, hand-proofed address quality.

Company information

Address Publisher stands for the combination of distinct human skills in dialogue marketing and data management as well as individually developed technical solutions in order to support these human drivers.

Our company philosophy is based on three core elements:

Customer intimacy:

Highest quality of customer care helps us meeting exactly the demands of companies and its actors. Of course this always happens under the adherence of each company’s philosophy and their Corporate Identity. Enjoy our personal customer advice.


Complex projects that seem to be unfeasible, or business addresses which cannot be found and acquired are scenarios making us even more sensitive to address. Loving such challenges, we again and again succeed in their near-term accomplishment by means of creative ideas and an adequate and durable commitment.


Our longstanding knowledge in data and all the appropriate services allows us to act more flexible than many other players. We know where to find your necessary target group, we know how to qualify and update them and last but not least we will adopt and refine your request till such time as you will be entirely satisfied with it.

Our business divisions:

  1. Sale of qualified business addresses
  2. Address management services
  3. Outbound telephone marketing in B2B

For further information please get in touch with us. We will provide you with an individual and non-binding quotation as soon as possible.


Hundreds of companies from Germany and abroad trust in our services as data professionals. There is probably no industry sector that we did not serve until today. Please do not hesitate to ask for target groups that you couldn’t find anywhere else so far. We are confident to provide you with perfectly fitting addresses of you potential customers.

A small extract of our satisfied customers:

Manufacturing Industry
Publishing Houses
Mail Order Company

Contact information

Please get in touch with us if we could draw your interest in our services.

We are glad to advice you personally, competently and cost-free how we can conduct successful dialogue marketing campaigns for your company.

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